Preliminary Program

Wednesday 10

15:00 – Registration

18:00|20:00 Opening Ceremony

Symposium Lecture: Versatility of Alpha-Emitters – from Chemistry to Cancer and Infection Treatment E. Dadachova (Albert Einstein College of Medicine, USA)

20:00 – Welcome Party

Thursday 11 SESSION A

Session A1: Technetium and Other Metals in Coordination Chemistry

8:30|9:20 – Invited Lecture: Organometallic Technetium Chemistry: Past, Present and Future R. Alberto (University of Zurich, Switzerland)

9:20|10:20 – Oral Presentations

10:20|10:50 – Coffee Break

10:50|11:35 – Oral Presentations

11:35|12:05 – Poster Communications

12:05|13:00 – Poster Session A1/A2

13:00|14:30 – Lunch

Session A2: Other Radiometals in Diagnosis and Therapy and New Labelling Strategies

14:30|15:10 Invited Lecture: Innovations in Imaging and Therapy with “New” Radiometals R. Schibli (ETH Zurich, Switzerland)

15:10|16:10 – Oral Presentations

16:10|16:40 – Coffee Break

16:40|17:20 – Invited Lecture: Bioorthogonal Click Chemistry in the Synthesis of Radiopharmaceuticals B.M. Zeglis (Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Centre, USA)

17:20|18:20 – Oral Presentations

18:20|19:00 – Poster Communications

20:00 – Meeting of the ISC, IAC and LOC

Friday 12 SESSION B

Session B1: Radiopharmacy and Radiopharmacology

8:30|9:10 Invited Lecture: Regulatory Requirements for the Production of PET Radiopharmaceuticals for Clinical Research S.W. Schwarz (Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine, USA)

9:10|10:10 – Oral Presentations

10:10|10:40 – Coffee Break

10:40|11:20 - H-J Wester (Munich Technical University) Translational research on imaging CXCR4

12:20|13:00 – Poster Communications

13:00|14:30 – Lunch

Session B2: Radionuclide Production

14:30|15:10 – Invited Lecture: Radiometals Development in the US Department of Energy Isotope Program D.R. Phillips (Department of Energy, USA)

15:10|16:10 – Oral Presentations

16:10|16:40 – Coffee Break

16:40|17:20 – Poster Communications

17:20|18:30 – Poster Session B1/B2

20:00 – Concert

Saturday 13 SESSION C

Clinical Successes Using Metal-Based Radiopharmaceuticals

8:00|8:30 – Choosing the Target W.C. Eckelman (Bethesda MD, USA) and R. Rossin (Philips Research, The Netherlands)

8:30|9:00 – PSMA Ligands for Diagnosis and Therapy U. Haberkorn (University Hospital Heidelberg, Germany)

9:00|9:30 – Tc-99m Tilmanocept Injection for Use in Sentinel Node Biopsy and Beyond F. Cope (Navidea Biopharmaceuticals, USA)

9:30|10:00 – Coffee Break

10:00|10:30 – Targeting PSMA with Small Molecule Inhibitors of PSMA: Development of a Tc-99m Labeled Molecular Imaging Agent for Prostate Cancer J. Babich (Weill Cornell Medical College, USA)

10:30|11:00 – Lu-177-DOTA-Octreotate as a Biomarker and a Therapeutic M.F. Mariani (Advanced Accelerator Application, France)

11:00|11:30 – Clinical Studies with Ac-225 and Ra-223 Labeled Radiopharmaceutical Therapeutics S.M. Larson (Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Centre, USA)

11:30|12:00 – Round Table and Discussion

12:00|12:30 – Symposium Closure

14:30 – Trip and Social Dinner